Welcome to the KKTO Wiki

The Koffee Kosmo Turbo Oven was initially designed and developed by Paul Papadimitriou (Koffee Kosmo) and presented to the Coffee Snobs and other enthusiast coffee forums as an inexpensive method of building a DIY coffee roaster.
The main advantages of the KKTO are the consistency of the roasted beans (less tipping and burning) and larger batch sizes than any comparable roaster in the same price range (DIY or commercial).
Its also very clean with all chaff collected and contained within the unit

This WIKI is an information repository for those who wish to build a KKTO themselves, either entirely DIY or partially or wholly purchased from Koffee Kosmo

About the KKTO

KKTO stands for 'Koffee Kosmo Turbo Oven'.

It describes a DIY coffee roaster where the primary heating element is a standard turbo oven and generally uses an agitator diven by a motor mounted on the bottom of the unit.

A KKTO can be
  1. Built as an entirely DIY device or
  2. Purchased using any individual part you need from the KKTO shop for a hybrid DIY/Pre-fab system
  3. Purchased as a complete unit for self assembly or fully assembled

This makes the KKTO an incredibly flexible system to build or buy, suiting any skill level and budget.